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Rss feed not updating in google reader

Analytics increases revenues from advertising, and that means it is critical for companies to have those trackers in place if they want a chance to make it in the competitive media environment.RSS also offers very few opportunities for branding content effectively.Some sites try to get around this by offering an array of RSS feeds built around keywords.Yet, stories are almost always assigned more than one keyword, and keyword selection can vary tremendously in quality across sites.Next, RSS readers need to get a lot smarter about marketing and on-boarding.They need to actively guide users to find where the best content is, and help them curate their feeds with algorithms (with some settings so that users like me can turn it off).

Ultimately, all of media is prioritization — every site, every newspaper, every broadcast has editors involved in determining what is the hierarchy of information to be presented to users.I would gladly pay money for an Amazon Prime-like subscription where I can get unlimited text-only feeds from a bunch of a major news sources at a reasonable price.It would also allow me to get my privacy back to boot.No one knows how much time someone reads an article, or whether they opened an article at all.In this way, RSS shares a similar product design problem with podcasting, in that user behavior is essentially a black box.

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RSS doesn’t allow publishers to track user behavior.

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