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However, they'd already planned their much-awaited holiday with friends so decided to head off on their adventure before going back to Queenstown after New Years."We bought a house on December 18 and instead of moving in, we had planned a big holiday, so we came on holiday.They got out the defibrillator and checked his vital signs, but he had gone.Sharon told the they were only four days into their long-awaited holiday with friends when tragedy struck.A bell sounds after five minutes and you record on your Speeding Ticket if you would like to meet the person again.Girls stay seated and the guys move to the next table until you have met everyone.

"I was sat on the beach in a deck chair and I got my binoculars out just to watch him and see if he'd caught anything because he'd been out there a while and ...

"He had a previous heart condition but that didn't stop him living life to the full.

He was a builder so he was very fit, a keen professional hunter.

It will probably be just the cup of tea for me, and the new house that unfortunately we didn't even get to move into.

We've got the keys but we didn't even pick them up." Salmons is currently organising a funeral in Queenstown however a date is still to be set.

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Sharon said she still intends to take on the new job and move to Te Anau - where they first met - as it was something her husband would have wanted.