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Everything from a character meeting their long lost family member or dying to save the guild ...…Pirates vs Ninjas, Samurai vs visual kei, card games mixed with boxing!On today's podcast we talk some of our favorite mash ups from anime, TV shows and movies. FB: ...…We're BACK with another podcast and this time we're talking weird and obscure things that we've watched.

We also have ...…So we got a LOT of superhero shows, movies and animated stuff this year. Asking the hard questions of maybe this is a classic case of too much of a good thing.

Have a listen at this week's podcast where we talk Marvel stuff, DC stuff and things we'd want to see in future superhero movies!

Once again, thanks to AL ...…Ever get tired of how some video games never get a sequel yet we got a billion call of duty games every year?

We even mention some mash ups we would love to see if we were ever to create a series of our own. Ever watch something so horribly awesome that you just can't help but show your friends?

Ever feel like recommending a bat-shit insane anime to someone who's never seen anime before? _________________Keep in T ...…We've been playing video games..a LONG time so we've seen some crazy changes over the year. Once again, thanks to ALL of our patrons for your su ...…Has watching anime ever influenced your fashion choices?

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Well you pretty much CAN when you get into your first Dungeons and Dragons campaign!