Just not that into you dating

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Right then [being honest] would be doing the person a favor," she says.

"That's what they feel will happen to them and are basically intimacy-phobic." But, he cautions, don't throw out the baby with the bath water. "Maybe he was too intimidated by you," another said. Written by former Sex and the City writer Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, this book debunks many of the myths that women create about men and dating. Sure, these words sound harsh, but according to a best-selling new dating book, these six words can save women like Susan from a lifetime of heartache and stress.Just think, not everyone loves Beyonce (I know, crazy, right?! Whether you’re dating someone who isn’t in the right place for a relationship, isn’t madly in love with you or whatever the case may be — realizing it now will work better in your favor.Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t that in to you is hurting you way more than it would be to break up with that person.

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"Try saying 'you are terrific, he doesn't t know what he is missing,' because there are ways to be supportive, but still make it clear that they are hanging on to a pipe dream." Making excuses can be counterproductive outside of the dating world as well, she says. Or "if your boss is trying to tell you that you are not doing a good job and you walk around saying 'he has a problem' or 'she just doesn't like men,' it's not productive," she says.

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