Dating martin 0 17 age dating contamination

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Dating martin 0 17

1929 000-28 Inexpensive square end machines were used on many guitars built by many makers, and were used by Martin on their less expensive guitars in the 1930's.Many, if not all of these, are clearly made by Waverly, with the same cogs and screws as on other Waverly tuners of the 20's.Martin 1930 2-17 The "Clipped End" Grover tuners of the mid 1930's were most often seen in the form used with Martin's first solid headstocks with machines, but were occassionally seen on 12 fret Martins of the day.Martin 1934 00-40H Interestingly, while the old style Waverly tuners seen in the early years of the 20th Century were generally phased out in 1925, they still appeared on some 12 fret Martins, including the 00-18H and some Style 42, until the 1940's.This first 2-17, one of the first two to ship in 1922, has a standard Martin rosette and top border.1922 Martin Style 2-17 By 1924, Martin had introduced a distinctive new single ring rosette with a dark center, and the pyramid bridge was gone.According to the new "Longworth" book, "tortoiseshell plastic" bindings appeared by 1939, earlier on smaller models, which were replaced by black Boltaron in 1966 with serial #212100. The Style 18 Dreadnaughts kept their ebony fingerboards and bridges until switching to rosewood in 1947.

Martin had a headstock in the style of the guitars built by his mentor, Johann Stauffer, which utilised gears enclosed by a metal plate, with six tuning pegs in a row on one side of the headstock, a feature which was later borrowed by the Fender Company. 1820's Guitar attributed to Johann Stauffer Martin & Coupa Koa Martin & Coupa Spanish 1840's Ivory Fingerboard Spanish Martin Martin soon developed a flat headstock which is similar in shape to the headstock seen on Martins to this day.

Martin 1897 1-21 This 1902 Style 00-42 prototype for the Style 45, with pearl buttons, shows that the Seidel Style tuners with imprinted corners and those with concentric circles were used contemporaneously through the years.

These three on a plate 12 fret tuners with saw tooth ends and rounded "Mickey Mouse" corners, beveled gears, and an early engraved design were made by Waverly.

This basic design was also seen contemporaneously on the Lloyd Loar era Gibsons. The primary structural change that appeared with these tuners is the move away from "reverse gears", as can be identified in the photos below by buttons to the right of the gears. 1926 Martin 0-28 Martin 1926 00-28 The mid 1920's Style 45 had a more refined version of the Waverly WG-31 with the engraved Irish Rose in Silver Martin 1925 2-45 The plain brass Waverly WG-31 tuners with an engraved outline were common on mahogany Martins in the 1920's.

Martin 1927 0-18K This is one of the less common tuner styles seen on mid 1920's Martins Martin 1927 000-18 These Waverly WG-31 tuners with an engraved leaf design were also used on better Martins in the 1920's, and were also seen on Gibsons such as the Nick Lucas Model.

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