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It's possible for new facts to come to light shortly after the auditors issue their report.

The staff proceeded to provide background information and analysis on the issue raised in the submission and made a recommendation that the Committee should propose an amendment to IAS 10.They should revise their audit report and the company should issue the corrected audit report to any parties that have received it, such as government agencies or banks.It's important for companies to contact interested parties as soon as possible; if the company doesn't do it, the auditors are obligated to reissue their report to relevant parties.Several Committee members discussed the implications of not amending IAS 10 and issuing “Pro-forma” or “General Purpose” financials with offering documents, however the majority of the Committee members noted that where possible, the quality that IFRS financial statements affords, should be something that is extended to the situations where financial statements are reissued for the purpose of offering.Several Committee members reiterated the point that IAS 10 is inextricably linked to the concept of accounting for any adjusting events and disclose any non-adjusting events.

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